Welcome to Photo 200

Hello class,

Welcome to photography 200 at College of the Canyons! During this semester you will learn a lot about portraiture, and more importantly you will apply what you learn to make some (hopefully) fantastic portraits. We will work the entire class to build a portfolio of photographs depicting your friends, family, strangers and maybe even a professional model or two.

I’m interested to hear about what inspires you, and also what topics interest you the most. Use the “leave a comment” link below this post to tell us all just a little about yourself, and more importantly please share a couple of links. Send us somewhere we can see your work, share a link to an inspirational gallery, or to a single photo you want to learn to replicate the style of during the course.

Let’s have a great time making portraits. Thanks for signing up.


Photo 210 Homework for 3/9

Read chapters 3 & 4 of our text. Prepare for a pop quiz. Shhhh!

“Friend +1 Portrait” – Basically, I want you to make a portrait of someone close to you, but I want you to have another person there who can help you make it happen. After you photograph your main subject, you will make a portrait of the second. Shoot as much as you need, but make sure you arrive at a good portrait of each. Turn in raws and one jpeg of each.

Behind the Scenes, More Inspiration





Homework for Next Week (3/2)

Read Chapters 1 and 2 from “Photography Business Secrets…” by Lara White

Identify a photographic style which you would aspire to incorporate into your own work, and come with an image (from another artist) which demonstrates that style.

Come with the text/copy you would put on your business card, and also bring in a selection of images/textures/colors/type usages which you would consider as you begin branding yourself as a wedding photographer.

Inspirational Feeds

You were asked to share some feeds of inspirational work, and you did. Here is what we shared:


Feed that can inspire my style
Feed that can shoot my wedding


Chef’s Plate: https://www.instagram.com/chefsplate/
Jose Villa: https://www.instagram.com/josevilla/

@enchanted_weddings https://www.instagram.com/enchanted_weddings/
@selvafloral https://www.instagram.com/selvafloral/
@omweekend https://www.instagram.com/omweekend/
@juxtapozmag https://www.instagram.com/juxtapozmag/






So there you have it. Get inspired, and comment below if you think of more.

Answers to all the questions

So this one is long. But it’s also really valuable, so I’m not cutting it. No photos for reasons of privacy, but the words are great. Read them:


Describe wedding Big/Small, Location, attendees, style
Big Wedding, in New Jersey. 200 attendees, traditional style.

How did you find the photographer?
Same photographer who has been photographing all weddigns for the Palestinian community in NJ

Were you satisfied with the service?
Yes, same level of product seen in previous weddings. No surprises.

What was the end product? Link, disk, Frame?
Link to website to download few hubdred photos. Shared link with family on FB. Weeks later received, DVDs with photos and videos, as well as album with few of the best photos.

How much did it cost? Who paid?
Estimated about $10k. Not sure since Groom’s family paid.


Description of Wedding:
Traditional, Medium-Sized (approx. 75 people) and Backyard Wedding

How Photographer Was Found:
Friend/ Church Member

Satisfaction of Services Rendered:

Services Provided:
soft copies in disk, enlarged wall framed photo

Price Cost:
Pro Bono


Very small only 50 people including themselves

Le Chene French Restaurant off Serra Hwy
Vintage Feeling
Knew photographer for 6 years and is good friend

Very happy with photographer
has not received anything yet

Paid $400 herself


1. Describe your wedding. How many guests. Where was the wedding? What was the style of the wedding?
Destination wedding in New Orleans in a gothic style Catholic Church. Bright colors reflecting the church Windows. Reception in Audubon Park surrounded by oak trees. The reception venue was an Acadian style house with a wraparound porch that we lit up with bright colored lights.

2. How did you find your wedding photographer?
My father was a professional photographer so this was very important to me. I researched photographers on the internet and got recommendations from friends and venue event planners and then took a special trip to New Orleans to interview the top 3 in person.

3. Were you satisfied with your photos / service of photographer?
Yes. He was wonderful.

4. What did you get? Wedding Album? Link to website? Prints? CD?
I got digital files through a website link. We couldn’t afford an album too right now, but plan to make one by our 5th anniversary. The photos are online for 10 years. I also downloaded copies and sent them to my parents as well.

5. IF ONLY COMFORTABLE ASKING – How much did it cost for the photographer? Who paid for the photographer? (This last one can be omitted)
$2,000. My husband and I paid for most of the wedding, but my parents got this for us as a gift.


1.Our wedding was at marina village, which is on mission bay, our ceremony was onsite in the courtyard area of the venue. My Brother(older) actually married us which was cool. It was a decent sized wedding, we had a little over 200 people, it definitely wasn’t a tradition wedding, we added a lot of our own to it like music, for example, playing rebelution and some other of our favorite bands for dinner time.

2. We found our photographer from the bridal bizarre I believe. My wife went and received a free engagement session with them, spotlight studios. We were set up with Kristina and she was an awesome person so we booked our wedding with her.

3. Definitely satisfied with our photo quality.

4. We got links to the photos, we also got a large print, a large album as well, and a USB with all rights to the photos.

5. I believe we paid $3500 or somewhere close to that. We paid for it

6. I think my favorite photo is us walking back down the isle after getting married and just seeing the happiness in the air. If you want you can go on our website loopalove.com and check out our wedding photos and video on there as well as anything else that could help!


1) my wedding had a rustic, country vibe. We got married at McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo, CA and had about 185 guests

2) my husband, Bryan, found our wedding photographer by posting a question on the Simi Valley Community Forum on Facebook and a bunch of people responded back recommending our photographer!

3) we were beyond satisfied with our photos! They came out absolutely amazing and captured every detail and special moment of the day

4) The package that we paid for with our photographer included an engagement session and obviously day-of photography. She gave us a usb after our engagement with all the pics from that, then we gave it back to her to so she could add all our wedding pics on it as well. It was engraved with our names on it which was a nice touch. She also made a custom wooden box engraved with our names that held the usb and she printed 100 4×6’s of her favorite photos from the wedding. She also made a link so we could share the pictures with our family and friends as well using our emails and a password so it remained private

5) I believe we paid about 3250 for our package. Bryan and I paid for that ourselves from our savings


1. My wedding size was between average and big I think. I had about 150 guests. And the place could accommodate 300. We got married at the White Horse Inn in Three Rivers, CA. I think our theme would be considered: bright/outdoorsy/country

2. my venue had a list of people who frequently shot weddings and recommended using them since they were experienced, used to the scenery, would be time efficient, etc. so I went with one from the list.

3. I was very satisfied with my photographer!

4. I got a link, flash drive, two parent albums, a couples album, and our engagement photos with a sign in book for the wedding.

5. Photography was about $3300-3500 and my mother in law paid.


Describe your wedding (can be just a few words if you’d like)
We had a very casual, intimate wedding with our friends & family. It was held in my husband’s grandparents’ backyard in late July in the evening time so it was really special & sentimental to us & our families.

The size of your wedding?
There ended up being about 100 guests on the day of the wedding. Our bridal party was about 13 people including flower girl & ring bearers.

The location?
Fall City, Washington.

The style/theme?
I guess I would describe it as a backyard country wedding. We used a lot of burlap, lace & mason jars.

How did you find your photographer?
Through a recommendation of a friend. Our friend & his wife had gone to school with our photographer so they had been following his photography career & mentioned his name to us.

Were you satisfied with your photos/photographer? And why?
We were very satisfied with our photographer! We felt that he was a perfect fit for us as far as his style of photography goes. We felt that he was offering a great deal/package for the price & it was right in our budget.

What did you get? (Link, disk, album, prints?)
We got all digital files from him on 2 USB drives & 2 CD copies, as well as full rights to all the photos.

How much did it cost? (If that’s not too personal?) and who paid?
Our package cost $2,300 & my dad paid for it.


location, style?
Small, 80 people
Marina del Rey on a yot

How they found their photographer?
“I Google them. ”

Were you satisfied with the service and what you received?
“Pictures were great
Yeah, but it took a long time to get the pictures. There were some complications, but we worked it out. I had to hit him up constantly to get an update”

What did you get?
“Digital copies of all pictures & print outs”

How much did you pay?
“$1,000 for everything”


1. How big was your wedding, where was it, was there a reception?
About 50 people, Ritz Carlton Maui, the reception was on site

2. how did you hear about your photographer?
The venue’s package gave us a small selection to choose from; we couldn’t choose our own. We met with them when we flew out for the wedding, they were very nice and very professiona

3. How much did you pay for photography

4. How did you receive your photos? How long did it take?
We received them on a very nice flash drive in the mail within a month of the wedding; we can’t remember exactly when. It didn’t take long considering the quality and amount of photos

5. were you happy with you photos?
We were very happy


1. Describe the wedding in simple terms.
Answer The wedding had a Western theme.
I wore a custom made layered white skirt with a blue Levi shirt and boots. The groom wore all black. It was an intimate affair of about 150 held outdoors on a 40-acre farm. The reception was held in a refurbished barn that was amazing. The owners and wedding coordinators grow all their own veggies and cater from a restaurant kitchen. Everything was perfect from the fresh breakfast, the rooms for hair and make up and getting dressed, the setting for the ceremony and the reception, yummy barbeque, DJ, bar, etc.

2. How did you link up with the wedding photographer?
She did my sister’s wedding.

3. Were they happy with what they were given by the photographer?
Happy with the service and what they got.

4. What did you get form the photographer?
I got a link to 150 pictures, a disc with the photos, and one framed print.

5. I have another part of my assignment that is to ask you, if you are comfortable enough to share, how much did the photographer charge?
She charged us the same as my sister, $3,500.

6. Who paid for the photographer?
My wonderful husband paid for everything.


1. Our wedding venue was held at Grace Simmons Lodge in the city of L.A. The ceremony was outdoors and the reception was held inside a venue hall. Approximately 120 guests attended. The theme of the wedding was “a summer wedding”

2. The photographer was referred by the videographer whom we found online.

3. We were very happy with the service they provided, they were very punctual, made us feel very comfortable, and were very professional.

4. All the pictures were provided in a disk with a very nice cover and was professionally edited.

5. We paid the photographer ourselves a fee of $850 for edited and non-edited pictures.